Get Instant Access To The Prices and Pictures Of Hot Listing in your desire area!

Get Instant Access To The Prices and Pictures Of Hot Listing in your desire area!

We Love Helping People Get What They Want

Home Owner Sellers

Get a FREE website and FREE marketing consultation. No Catch. No Obligation! We Would Love to help, and we will be here for you when you need us.
* Certain conditions apply.

The Art of Selling or Buying Real Estate

Let us share some of our secrets to selling your home successfully. In order to sell your home for the top Dollars, you need to know your home’s market value and determine your listing price. This will be the first step.
Get a FREE, no-obligation home evaluation with us. We will take into consideration all of the factors that will affect your property’s value such as location, condition, market activity, and many other factors. We can provide an in-depth analysis of your property and give you a professional estimate of your home value. By doing so, and with our consultation/guidance, you will be able to make an informed decision. Click the BUTTON below for a quick estimate to see how your home compares to the rest of the market.

Condition To Get Free Website And Consultation

1. I (Moti Arusi broker with International Realty Firm, Inc., Brokerage) offering to FSBO (For Sale By Owner), a free website 
with a domain name that matches the address of the property (home number and street name) which will be active
for a maximum of one year. 
2. The homeowner will upload all the information about the property by themselves. It can include pictures, a description of the property and any material that they think will help them in selling their home for the top dollar. 
3. The seller understands and with their signature confirms that they are the only ones taking full responsibility for all the content that is published/uploaded on the website.
4. Moti Arusi is not obligated to provide any real estate services to the seller/sellers. His consultation/website is an offer of goodwill (on a voluntary basis) which can end at any time.
 5. The seller/sellers are not obligated to the agent, and any business conducted between both parties is based on a mutual level of respect, trust, and appreciation
Offer Valid Until 30/9/2021 
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